We are a genuine network that extends throughout the world. Each year we teach Italian to 163.769 people in 79 countries with many satisfactions. The “Dante Dubai” is a Non-Profit Institutional Organization recognized by Headquarters in Rome whose objective is to promote and foster Italian language and culture through teaching, but also through initiatives in the Art, Culture and Show sectors.

il Mondo in Italiano

Primary purpose, as stated in Article 1 of the Articles of Association, is to "protect and promote the Italian language and culture in the world, reviving the spiritual ties of compatriots abroad with the mother country and nurturing among the foreigners love and the cult of Italian civilisation."

About Us

Inspired by the poet Giosuè Carducci (Nobel Prize in Literature 1906), the Dante Alighieri Society was founded in 1889 with the aim of promoting Italian culture and language throughout the world. The society was named Dante cause the pre-Renaissance poet, author of “The Divine Comedy”, is considered the father of the Italian language. For over a century the Dante Alighieri Society holds together people of different nationality, profession, age, country of residence: all equally interested in the Italian language and culture, which they dedicate their time and passion.

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Dante and Beatrice

One of the most effective way to improve and consolidate the knowledge of language is to use it: for this reason Dante has designed a real social network of the Italian language called Beatrice. To follow, keep, enrich our language; to help infuse, build upon, renew an identity; to enhance it and show to appreciate it.

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